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Where do I login?
Once you have opened in your internet browser, click on Employee Portal in the upper left corner of the screen. This will open a login window for you to input your UserID and password.
What is my login information?
Your login information would have been provided to you during your company enrollment process. If you need help retrieving your details, with one of our support reps.
Can I recover my UserID and/or Password?
If you've forgotten your UserID or Password and you have an email linked to your account, you can reset your password through our Recover Password feature. If you’re not sure, feel free to with one of our support reps.
What do I do if I receive a message that my information is invalid?
Make sure you are logging into the Employee Portal. Double check the spelling of your Username. Also check your caps lock key and make sure it’s turned off. Remember your password is case sensitive. Still not working? Make sure that you are not on our Demo or Review site. Simply check for red lettering under the eTools logo in the middle of the screen. Still having issues?
What do I do if my account is locked?
If you've entered the incorrect login information 5 times, your account will lock for security purposes. You can with one of our support reps to have your account unlocked & your login information verified.
What if the information my company gave me isn't working?
Have you received your first direct deposit? If not, then just wait! Your account will be created after you receive your first direct deposit. Still not sure if you have an account? with one of our support reps!
How do I setup my account?
Once you have logged in, follow the steps of the initial setup. Click to download our Initial Setup instructions.
Where are my checkstubs located?
You can locate your paystubs under the Payment Listing tab. Click on the blue transID number next to the payment date to view the statement.
Can I print my statement?
Yes. Open the stub you wish to print and press the printer icon on the top right of the new window.
Why is my paystub statement printing incorrectly?
Some versions of Internet Explorer do not support printing via the PDF viewer used on my-eStub. You can access your account through the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to insure you will be able to print your paystub successfully.
There is incorrect information showing on my paystub. How do I get it corrected?
my-eStub provides all pay information exactly as it is sent to us by your payroll department. For questions regarding the contents of your statement, please contact your payroll manager.
Can I change my email or phone number?
Yes. Simply navigate to User Setup and edit your account details as needed. Remember to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen for your information to be updated.
How do I consent to receive my tax forms online?
While logged into your account, navigate to the User Setup tab. On the right side of the page under Online Usage Options, select 'Click Here for W2 and Tax Form Use'. Follow the prompts to consent & verify your SSN to complete the W2 setup. For detailed instructions, you can access our eW2 Consent Instructions .
Where can I access my W2 or 1095?
Your W2 and/or 1095 will be located under Tax Forms. Don’t see the Tax Forms button? Navigate to User Setup and confirm that you are consented to receive your W2s online. If not, follow the eW2 Consent Instructions .
Can I import my tax form into TurboTax?
my-eStub works seamlessly with TurboTax so that you can import your W2 directly & minimize the time it takes to file your taxes online. For detailed instructions on how to import your W2, you can access our TurboTax Guide .
My password disappears when I press login. What do I do?
If your password disappears when you try to log in, but no error message appears, this generally means that there is a security protocol blocking the website. You should check that is set as a 'Safe Site' or 'Allowed Site' through your internet browser, as well as through any security program you may have installed on your computer. When you have done this, exit and reopen the site before logging in. If the problem continues, contact our Employee Support Center. If your company has given us access to your account, we will do what we can to diagnose the problem. If not, we can direct you to the correct department to get the issue resolved.
When I click on a Trans-ID, nothing happens. What do I do?
If nothing occurs when you click on a transaction ID, this is usually caused by new security features recently added to Internet Explorer Version 9 and 10. In order to allow your stubs to show, you'll need to click on Tools on your Menu Bar and click Compatibility View Settings. This will open the Compatibility options box. Our site address will be filled in for you in the top box, click Add, and Close at the bottom. The screen will refresh and your stubs will be available for viewing.
Still having issues?
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