Affordable Quality.
Secure Technology.
At PaperlessPay Corporation, we have created the most secure and comprehensive online pay advice portal available in today’s market.
Our Services

Our enhanced delivery technology gives you the capability to provide your employees with multiple secure delivery options - all while saving your company significant operational expense dollars.

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Our History

PaperlessPay Corporation is an outgrowth of a software business founded in 1994 by W. Mark Broughton that was sold in 2008 and became On-Pay Solutions, which still operates today serving large corporations with electronic payments solutions and sservices.

Small Beginnings
In 2004, a client asked for help putting their employee stubs online. The client was so excited by what we provided that we developed a business model, and in 2007 launched
The Growth of a Company
Since that time PaperlessPay Corporation has continued to add features, functionality, and a whole new look in 2012. We have grown from that first client serving just 1300 total employees to now serving over 1100 clients and their subsidiaries with an excess of 2 million total employees currently utilizing
The Future of PaperlessPay
PaperlessPay Corporation continues to grow annually and maintains an excellent client retention rate. We will continue to develop SaaS solutions that have a direct impact on the bottom line for our clients.

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What We Believe
At PaperlessPay, we don’t simply provide a product. We create a trusted relationship. You’re not a customer; you’re our partner. We believe in establishing a personal experience that you can’t find other places.
  • We believe in personal attention.
  • We believe in simple & easy to use products.
  • We believe in ethics & compliance.
  • We believe in an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We believe in growth.
[ What They Are Saying ]
Serving our Clients to their satisfaction is our number one priority. Our goal is to understand our clients needs and expectations and exceed them.
  • "PaperlessPay was extremely helpful in working with us to work through this process. Staff education was very easy, the technical support is fantastic, and the PaperlessPay staff was very accommodating and made this transition go smooth.
  • "The PPC transition team made the switch seamless and what little technical support we require, the response is prompt and professional. This transition to PaperlessPay has my staff saying ... 'is this pay week?'."
  • The W-2 access is wonderful for those employees that need W-2 access for financial aid forms, refinancing their homes, and other times when they can’t find their prior or current W-2 and need it yesterday!! When I explain how they can access the W-2 on line, well….the relief, excitement and gratefulness is heard in their voice and it is fun to be able to provide an instant solution that makes both of us smile."
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