Frequently Asked Questions
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At PaperlessPay Corporation information is readily accessible. Below are some frequently asked questions.
What services does PaperlessPay offer companies?
PaperlessPay Corporation provides online employee solutions for companies with a secure self-service portal giving access to ePayAdvices, eW2s, and more. PaperlessPay is always looking to broaden our product offerings to give you the most up-to-date technology to drive your business.
Does my company meet the standards to utilize your services?
PaperlessPay Corporation works seamlessly with any payroll software & with companies of 100 employees to 100,000+. Contact our Sales team today and find out how we can streamline your payroll and HR processes today!
How would our employees access their information?
Employees access their pay information via the, providing secure, 24/7 online access to direct deposit ePayAdvices, eW2s, & employee communication centers.
Can the paystubs & W2s be accessed from any computer?
Yes, if you have access to the internet, then you will have 24 hour access to your pay records.
If login is accessible from any computer, how secure is
Every year Paperless Pay Corporation goes through a special security audit called SSAE 16 Type II. You can find more information about what this certification means to you here:
What happens if an employee forgets their login information?
As an added option to our online portal, you can utilize our Employee Call Support Service Center for your employees. Our representatives are ready and able to assist employees with resetting login information, answering questions related to their account setup and much more.
Do employees need to consent to receive their information online?
According to state requirements, employers are in compliance with state standards by providing an electronic paystubs. Certain states require that employers insure that employees can access electronic paystubs to comply with the law. For online W2 access, employees must personally consent during account setup in order to receive their form online, otherwise their W2 will need to be printed and mailed.
How long is the pay information stored online?
All paystubs and W2s are stored securely and available online for your employees for the extent of the time that you are a client of PaperlessPay Corporation.
Will PaperlessPay be able to work with my current payroll software?
PaperlessPay Corporation utilizes the output file created by your current in-house payroll software to interface an online paystub or W2.
Do employees have to go online to see their pay information?
With my-eStub, employees will be able to access their information online, via text message, or password protected PDF by email.
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