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Click to chat with our Support Team, Monday - Friday, 8AM - 8PM EST. We are closed weekends and select holidays.
Where do I login?
Once you have opened https://my-estub.com in your internet browser, administrators will click on Administrator Access Portal in the lower left corner of the screen. This will open a login window for you to input your information.
What is my login information?
Your Administrative login information would have been provided to you during your company enrollment process. If you need any assistance retrieving your details, you can contact the Process Management department for assistance.
What is the Employee Call Support Service Center?
The my-eStub.com™ service for online pay stubs is only available for direct deposit employees. These employees can contact us for their information if your company has opted to use our Employee Call Support feature. Due to security policies, we must verify security information with the employee whose account we are accessing, and therefore cannot give out information to anyone other than the employee.
How long does it take to process a file?
Please allow 2 hours for processing time. If you plan to upload your file after 5:00 PM EST, please make arrangements with the Process Management Department for special scheduling.
What is the Secondary field in the Upload File section? Should I use this?
The Secondary field is only for companies who having merging files. General payroll, W2, and report files can only be uploaded under the Primary field.
What will happen if an employee changes their name?
In the event of an employee marries into a new name or legally changes their name, we ask that you notify our Process Management department. They will then change the employee’s information and you’ll be able to find them when searching through Edit Employee DB.
Why can’t I search for an employee under Edit Employee DB?
There are two reasons why this may be. The first reason could be that particular employee was not provided in the files that were processed or when searching for this employee the Search button was not selected. If you have hit the Enter key on your keyboard it will not search, you will need to click on Search to find your employee.
How long will the stubs be available online for our employees?
The stubs will remain on the site for the full length of time that your company is in contract with PaperlessPay Corporation. If at any time, you would like to remove paystub information from the site early, you can delete the selected file from your Process Direct Deposit section of the site. This will remove the selected stub from all employee accounts included in that file.
When I click on a Transaction ID, nothing happens. What do I do?
If nothing occurs when you click on a transaction ID, this is usually caused by new security features on Internet Explorer Version 9 or 10. In order to allow your stubs to show, you'll need to click on Tools on your Menu Bar and click Compatibility View Settings. This will open the Compatibility options box. Our site address will be filled in for you in the top box, click Add, and Close at the bottom. The screen will refresh and your stubs will be available for viewing.